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Self Watering Planters FAQs

Q. How do I fill the planter?
A. The easiest way to fill the planter is to take a garden hose and fill the planter from the top, while it is empty. The water will run thought the capillaries. When the planter is full, the water will spill out of the overflow valve letting you know it is full.

Q. How do I empty the planter?
A. The planter has a drain valve on the bottom. All you need to do is unscrew the valve and the water will run out.

Q. Can I get the planter in custom colors?
A. For orders of at least 50 planters we can match any color you provide.

Q. Can I customize the planter with our logo or a special graphic?
A. We can apply any graphics you request, most people email us a file and we create the logo. This takes about 2 weeks.

Q. How are the planters shipped?
A. Empty, the planter only weighs 25 pounds so we are able to UPS the planter to you. We put orders of 6 or more planters on pallets and send them common carrier.

Q. How often do I need to water the plants?
A. Outside, we have found that the reservoir lasts at least 90 days; we did not water the plants outside of our office at all last summer. For planters located indoors we recommend watering every 60 days.

Q. How do I keep the capillary holes from clogging?
A. We recommend putting a handful of vermiculite or similar filler in the planter before you fill it with dirt. This is highly suggested as it significantly increases water circulation.

Q. What do I do with the planter in the winter?
A. The planter has a drain on the bottom so it is easy to empty the water. Just unscrew the plug, drain the planter and discard the old flowers and dirt. If you have a storage area we recommend keeping the old dirt and just replanting in the spring.

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