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Plastic Vase Planter

Prices starting at: $50.00
New Self Watering feature is now available for this planter! Contact customer service to learn more!

95% lighter than concrete or stone, these plastic planters are manufactured using space age polymer resin making them the perfect durable, lightweight solution. Guaranteed not to crack, chip, or break, these planters are easy to install and light enough to significantly reduce shipping costs. These planters are easy to install and maintain, and are designed for interior and exterior applications.
Color Options

Quantities under 4 are subject to additional set up fee. Contact customer service for more information.

Pricing and weights for additional sizes:
Colors: (S) = (Solid) / (G) = (Granite)

(16"d x 14"h) - 5 lbs - $50(S)/ $69(G)
(21"d x 17.5"h) - 9 lbs - $107(S)/ $151(G)
(26"d x 21.25"h) - 14.5 lbs - $143(S)/ $194(G)
(28.5"d x 23.5"h) - 23 lbs - $243(S)/ $337(G)
(30.5"d x 24.5"h) - 27 lbs - $271(S)/ $337(G)
(34"d x 27"h) - 29 lbs - $289(S)/ $406(G)
(38"d x 33.25"h) - 35.5 lbs - $351(S)/ $491(G)
(42.5"d x 33.25"h) - 44 lbs - $415(S)/ $595(G)
(56"d x 41"h) - 70 lbs - $877(S)/ $1181(G)
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