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Palace Round Fiberglass Planter

Prices starting at: $335.00
These large gradual tapered planters are unique in many ways. The design has two external accent ridges on the bottom and a matching accent ridge on the top. The planter is fitted with a large lip which is molded up, providing strength, but not reducing the top available planting area.
Available in limited standard sizes, this product can be manufactured in multiple heights; however the bottom accent lines will be lost.
This planter is available in any standard color or finish, including our textured, smooth, or metallic finish.
Metal color options are subject to a price surcharge. Please contact us for pricing.
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Size Options:
24" OD x 21" tall - 20lb - $352 
32" OD x 27" tall - 35lb - $500 
36" OD x 32" tall - 42lb - $567 
40" OD x 30" tall - 50lb - $633 
60" OD x 30" tall - 85lb - $947
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